Make Model Description
Access Virus B 24 Voice, 16 Part Multi-Timbral, Arpeggiator
Access Virus C 32 Voice, 16 Part Multi-Timbral, Arpeggiator
Clavia Nord Lead Rack 4 Voice “Virtual Analog Synthesis”, Arpeggiator
Clavia Nord Rack 3 “Virtual Analog Synthesis” Rack Mounted, 24 Voice
E-MU Mo Phatt Urban Dance Synth with “SuperBEATS Mode”
E-MU Morpheus 16 Part Multi-Timbral, Z-Plane Filters
E-MU Orbit V2 Dance/Techno Sounds with Interactive “BEATS Mode”
E-MU Orbit 3 New Version – Dance/Techno Sounds w/ “SuperBEATS Mode”
E-MU Planet Earth Ethnic Sound Module
E-MU Planet Phatt Designed for Hip-Hop, Rap, Acid Jazz and Trip Hop
E-MU Proteus I,II, and III 16 Part Multi-Timbral, Rack Synths
E-MU Proteus 2000 32 MIDI Channels, 128 Voice, Realtime Control
E-MU Turbo Phatt More Urban Dance Sounds
E-MU Vintage Pro 128 Voice, 32 MIDI Channels, Vintage Keyboard Sounds
E-MU Virtuoso 2000 128 Voice, 32 MIDI Channels, Orchestra Sounds
E-MU Xtreme Lead Techno/Electronica BPM Synth w/ “SuperBEATS Mode”
E-MU Audity 2000 Dance Sounds w/ New Rhythm Generation Technologies
Ensoniq ASR-10 Rack Rack Sampler/Sequencer, 16 meg RAM, SCSI
Ensoniq MR Rack 64 Voice Rack Mount Sound Module
Korg MS2000BR Analog Modeling Rack Synth, Vocoder
Korg Triton-Rack All the sounds of the Triton + Sampling, Expandable
Korg TR-Rack All the Trinity patches and more in 1U Rack
M-Audio Axiom Air 49 49-key USB MIDI Controller with Synth-action Keys, 29 Knobs/Faders/Pads, Dedicated Transport Controls, Hyper Control Mapping, and Ignite Software
Novation A-Station 8 Voice Module with 25 Knobs for Real-Time Control
Novation Supernova Polyphonic Super Synth
Novation Supernova ii Increased polyphony and aonic possibilities, more new knobs and functions
Novation Bass Station Analog Bass Synth, Rack Mounted
Oberheim Matrix 1000 6 Voices, an excellent source of Pads, Textures and Ambient Sounds
Roland Fantom-XR 128 Voice Sound Module, with 6-SRX Series Expansion Slots
Roland JV-880 Multi-Timbral, 1-SR-JV80 Expansion Slot
Roland JV-1080 Multi-Timbral, 4-SR-JV80 Expansion Slot
Roland JV-2080 Multi-Timbral, 8-SR-JV80 Expansion Slot
Roland V-Synth Rack Next-Generation V-Synth in a rack/tabletop form
Roland XV-2020 64 Voice Polyphony, 2-SRX Slots, USB
Roland XV-3080 Multi-Timbral, 1-SRX & 4 -SR-JV80 Slot
Roland XV-5050 Multi-Timbral, 2-SRX Slots, 64 Voice
Roland XV-5080 Sample Playback, 128 meg RAM, 4-SRX and 4-SR-JV80 Expansion Slots
Studio Electronics ATC Tone Chameleon Analog, Monophonic Synth Module
Studio Electronics Omega 8 8 Voice True Analog Synth
Studio Electronics SE-1X “Phat” Sounding , Monophonic, Analog Synth Module
Yamaha Motif-Rack All the sounds of the Motif plus more
Yamaha Motif ES-Rack All the sounds of the Motif ES plus more