Perfectly in harmony with the “KISS” philosophy, The Proac Studio 100 has striven to stay out of the murky world of ‘unobtanium’ materials and unreasonably costly manufacturing techniques, both of which can be of dubious value. Carefully constructed cabinets house bespoke drivers mated to crossovers of the highest quality. Stewart Tyler, ProAc’s founder and chief designer, was once quoted as saying “We do not make cheap speakers, and certainly do not make cheap sounds.” It’s this straightforward line of thought that has driven design over the last 35+ years. ProAc puts the time, effort and money where it counts, producing an honest product that achieves extraordinary performance at reasonable prices.

Of course, there is some wizardry in all of this and for ProAc it’s crossovers. Without the necessary time spent hand selecting components, tweaking values and getting them positioned just right, we would not have the sound that ProAc is legendary for. They spend the time to compare their speakers against the only true reference, live music. It’s a combination of amazing drive units properly placed in purpose-built cabinets and the crossover dialed to just the right balance. Get it right here, and the ‘magic’ happens.

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