The Rane TTM 57SLPerformance Mixer combines the technologies that Rane and Serato offer in a single high-performance mixer. The Rane TTM 57SL fully integrates Rane’s proven hardware and Serato Scratch Live, creating a whole new range of possibilities for your performance. The TTM 57SL was specifically designed to work with Scratch Live and the available features are best served when used with Scratch Live. The TTM 57SL is also a very competent standalone performance mixer.

The Rane Sixty-One Mixer is the closest replacement for the Rane TTM 57SL, with an improved USB 2.0 interface. The Sixty-Two Mixer adds dedicated cue, loop and sample controls and internal effects.

Note: The Rane TTM 57SL was a USB 1.1 device, which is not fast enough to work with Serato DJ or current computer OS.

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