Our Story

Capital Audio was founded by Wassim Zreik in 2002. It started as a private rental business, when an enterprising young Wassim, who was working as an engineer at the time, astutely recognized that many industry professionals needed quick access to high-end equipment for session work, but had no desire to deal with the burden of housing, hauling, or maintaining their own gear. Never wanting to deny any special request or sit idly by watching the flow of a session in progress die due to equipment related delays, Wassim naturally became the “go to” guy, accommodating every ask, no matter how big the challenge to hunt something down. Without even realizing it, as he began providing an unexpectedly invaluable service to his clients while building a solid inventory of pro equipment he made available only to best in the biz. If they showed up to a recording session and didn’t already have the exact equipment they needed or wanted, Wassim did…and that, in a nutshell, is how Capital Audio was born.

Early on, he focused primarily on private rentals, letting out his best gear to major artists, producers, record labels, and studios only, but when demand increased and his phone began ringing non-stop with urgent requests, he took the Company public. Today, Capital Audio rents every conceivable piece of recording equipment and software available to anyone looking to lay down professional grade sound from the basement vlogger to the syndicated podcaster; the unknown indie band just starting out to the self-promoting front man looking to breakout, even the hugely successful session artist and fully-signed, label-backed musician…literally, anyone! Capital Audio continues to build on its inventory of technically sound, top notch, state-of-the-art gear, maintained and upgraded by the best technicians in Los Angeles, each piece is checked and re-checked, so it’s ready to roll at a moment’s notice.

In keeping pace with the new rules of the modern music making business and the ever-changing technology required to create it, Capital Audio is proud to announce its newest offering: Nomad Mobile Recording Studios. As an answer to some of the biggest barriers for anyone who wants to record and distribute their sounds, Nomad Mobile Recording Studios, allows you the freedom to collaborate and create at your own pace, within your own space. An alternative to the bigger, more traditional recording studios, this innovative mobile solution puts the creative process squarely in your hands, inspired by the vibe you create with your own crew—with Nomad Mobile Recording Studios, you can now MAKE MUSIC WHEREVER, WHENEVER!

Our Founding

Our story starts in Wassim’s childhood home in Lebanon, when he was just 11 years old and first discovered his passion for music, listening to Bad, by Michael Jackson—which became one of his favorite albums of all time. Some of his earliest influences include Samantha Fox and Toto…yes, Toto! His first major purchase was a sound system that cost more than the car it was fitted in. Wassim cranked that sound system for everyone to hear and quickly generating a loyal following. He became a bit of a local celebrity for parking up, drawing a crowd, and starting a killer street party from the back of his two-door hatchback (??). While in High School, he started DJ’ing private parties and community events and when the venues became crowed, the local radio station approached to offer him a gig as the youngest disc jockey at the time.

His love of music and keen interest in the process just kept propelling him forward. He came to the United States in the early 90s and eventually landed in North Hollywood, where he enrolled in Engineering School. His first job was working as runner for Enterprise Recording Studios. It was there that his willingness to work hard while learning was rewarded. He enjoyed steady promotion and worked his way up through the ranks, soon finding himself behind the sound board during some pretty major recording sessions where he was given the opportunity to work on projects alongside some of the industry’s most recognizable names. Most notably, Christina Aguilera’s Strip, under the direction of producer Scott Storch. His big break came when crossed paths with DeVanté Swing, from R&B group Jodeci, who took note of Wassim’s talent and hired him as his personal Engineer.

Throughout his entire career (present day included), Wassim extends himself personally to all his clients, starting with the first phone call. Considered far more than just a vendor from a rental company, Wassim is a partner in the process, always going above and beyond for everyone he works with. With more than 25 years’ experience in this industry, Wassim’s work puts him in direct contact with some of the industry’s biggest and best artists and producers around.

Capital Audio has gained a solid reputation over the years and our clients have come to personally rely on our expertise to help transform their sound. We’re the best around and we’re only getting better!