Altiverb 7 XL Convolution Reverb Plug-in

Altiverb 7 is the industry standard convolution reverb plug-in.

"Plug-ins are included in the Nomad Elite package & all the pro-tools packages, for no additional cost!"

McDSP Everything Pack Native v6

McDSP is a bundle of twenty-four audio plug-ins that features emulations of vintage equalizers, dynamics processors, tape machines, and channel amplifiers.

"Plug-ins are included in the Nomad Elite package & all the pro-tools packages, for no additional cost!"

Eventide Anthology XI

Anthology XI is a bundle of 23 plug-ins based on over 45 years of Eventide studio mainstays. Includes H3000 Factory, Blackhole, Physion, Tverb, and more!

"Plug-ins are included in the Nomad Elite package & all the pro-tools packages, for no additional cost!"

Apollo x4

Apollo x4 allows musicians and producers to easily track, overdub, and mix larger projects with elite-class A/D and D/A conversion, four Unison-enabled preamps, and QUAD Core real time UAD plug-in processing.

Shure ULXD1 Digital Bodypack

The Shure ULXD1 Digital Bodypack is a wireless bodypack transmitter compatible with ULX-D Digital Wireless Systems.

Shure MX150 Subminiature Lavalier Microphone

The Shure MX150 Subminiature Lavalier Microphone provides uncompromised sound quality and high reliability with minimal visibility. It features CommShield technology to stop RF interference, user-changeable equalization caps, and a windscreen for wind protection.

Shure ULX-D4

The Shure ULX-D4 is a Large conference and convention installations come with unique wireless challenges. A campus-wide solution, ULX-D4 Digital Wireless is secure, scalable, and durable.

Shure ULXD2

The Shure ULXD2 is a handheld wireless transmitter with Beta 58A Capsule compatible with ULX-D Digital Wireless Systems.


The ATC SCM45A Pro has separate LF, MF, and HF drivers to cover a wide frequency range, with electronic crossovers that virtually eliminate phase incoherence.

Apollo x8p Thunderbolt Audio Interface

The Universal Audio Apollo x8p is built for pros that need more I/O. It has world-class AD/DA conversion and captures pristine, release-ready recordings.

Barefoot MicroMain27 Gen2

The MicroMain27 Gen2 is a 3.5-way active system with 5 drive units housed in sealed enclosures spanning 30Hz to 45kHz with vanishingly low distortion, breathtaking dynamic range, and ultra-fast transient response. The ring radiator tweeter is incredibly detailed and produces very wide dispersion out to its highest frequencies.

PMC IB1S 3-Way Monitor

The IB1S is an extremely flexible 3-way monitor, which has found its home in the most varied environments.


The twotwo sub2 is an active subwoofer for PMC’s twotwo range of nearfield monitors; with its rigid, highly braced low-resonance cabinet, it delivers greater headroom and a more extensive dynamic response than the existing twotwo sub1.

Nomad Mobile Vocal Booth

A portable 4'x4' vocal booth that is made from multiple layers of insulation, covered with fabric on both sides that provides superior absorption at high and mid-range frequencies. Perfect for all vocal recordings including, voice over and voice acting.

Moog Matriarch

With paraphonic playability and an impressive 90 modular patch points, the Moog Matriarch semi-modular analog synthesizer is a sound-design powerhouse.