Studio Monitors/Speakers

Adam Audio A7X

Powered Studio Monitor

Adam Audio S3X-H

Active nearfield/midfield Studio Monitor


7" 3-way Powered Studio Monitors


The ATC SCM45A Pro has separate LF, MF, and HF drivers to cover a wide frequency range

Barefoot Sound MicroMain 27

Gen2 Studio Monitor With Emulation Voice Select

Bryston Limited 4B

A dual channel (stereo) amplifier which is acclaimed internationally as being suited for the finest and most sophisticated sound systems.

Crown DC-300

Professional Power Amplifier

Dynaudio BM15A

10" Powered studio monitors

Event TR8

Tuned active bi-amplified reference monitor system

Focal Trio6 Be

8" Powered studio monitors

Genelec 1031A

8" Two-Way Powered Studio Monitors

Genelec 1032A

Two-Way Active 10" Monitoring System, Extended Low-Frequency Response