Nomad mobile recording studios gives you a world class studio experience, allowing you to collaborate and create at your own pace, within your own space. Whether working in your own home, in a hotel, or on the road... being able to record whenever, wherever will definitely change the way you work.

Nomad Elite

Designed for major-label production, Nomad Elite is the most versatile and powerful studio in our lineup. A “go to” choice among seasoned producers and artists alike, Nomad Elite, includes state-of-the-art equipment that will inspire you to do something great with this serious set up. Many of the industry’s biggest names, spanning the industry spectrum, count on Nomad Elite to produce the biggest and best sound around.

Fully Equipped, Turnkey Studio

Configured to Your Exact Specifications

Capable of Unlimited Expansion

Looks Great. Sounds Amazing.

Nomad Expert

A smaller rig than the Nomad Elite, but a sound just as big, Nomad Expert is stacked with a bunch of great gear. This studio can handle just about any type of project you can drum up, making it ideal for more advanced session work. Artists and Producers love its’ convenient, easy-to-get-started set up. With everything needed to produce top sound, you’re sure to enjoy this well-equipped option. Bring your own laptop and plug in to the Nomad Expert to start mixing, mastering, and recording! It’s that easy.

Easy Start Up

Hassle Free

Easy Work Flow

World Class Results

Nomad Esstentials

If your project doesn’t require all the bells and whistles of a full studio set up, you’re sure to find the sound you need with this straight-forward, all-in-one studio solution. Nomad Essential is an affordable, flexible option, perfect for production and demo work. Music pros love the easy-to-use, comfortable setup.

User Friendly

Easily Manageable

Budget Friendly

Compact Size