Mic Pre Amps/Equalizers

API 312

Microphone Pre-Amp With Lunchbox

API 550A

Three Band Program Equalizer

API 560

Vintage EQ Module

API 560B

Graphic Equalizer

Aurora Audio GTP8 Preamp

8 Channels Mic Pres

Avalon M-5


Avalon VT-737sp

Tube Mic-Pre, Equalizer, Compressor

Chandler Limited TG2

T EMI-inspired two-channel microphone preamp

Focusrite RED 7

Focusrite RED 7 Mic Pre and Dynamics

GML 8300

Two Channels Mi Pre

Groove Tube VIPRE

Variable Impedance All-Tube Mic Pre-Amp


Passive Stereo Equalizer