The Pioneer DJM-909 is a breakthrough DJ mixer offering innovative features unlike ANYTHING you’ve ever seen. Check out exciting “world’s firsts,” like precision crossfader and fader curve controls with user-customizable “feel.” And how about the most exiting thing to hit the DJ circuit yet: a touch screen that controls 50 killer effects and fader performance functions. This high-end battle/performance DJ mixer is ideal for use with the CDJ CD players in both form and function. The improved sound quality and unsurpassed reliability are bolstered by a host of new effects. The DJM-909 offers powerful club quality sound in a battle mixer. You’ll enjoy sensitive yet solid gripping EQ knobs, durable transform switches and precise/accurate crossfader curve control. And the proprietary “non-contact” crossfader technology ensures unprecedented durability and reliability.

The most important feature on any battle mixer is its crossfader and fader performance. The DJM-909 introduces the most precise and customizable crossfader in the industry. The crossfader is highly durable and has double-fade control allowing each half of the crossfader the ability to be adjusted independently! All fader curves can also be seen and adjusted with visual reference on the mixer’s fader curve adjust screen. If that isn’t enough, the crossfader “feel” can also be adjusted to your preference (a breakthrough functionality). Each channel fader curve can be adjusted from a smooth volume change to a dynamic volume on/off at the tip of the channel faders (bottom or top). In turntablist slang, you will be able to crab-scratch the channel faders from either the top end or bottom end of the fader. You can also connect with Pioneer’s CDJ series CD players to employ the fader start capability. This allows you to automatically start or stop playback by the sliding crossfader or channel fader.

The DJM-909 has an impressive collection of built-in effects and an innovative touch sensitive display. A total of 50 different effects can be independently assigned, utilized and tweaked through the mixer’s user friendly touch screen control. Additional knobs also exist for further parameter adjustments. Revolutionary effect presets range from fader synths to transform to touch phaser to vocoder. A send/return is also built-in to connect an external effector. The clean, open fader design affords easy scratching and beat juggling. Other features include a session line-in with volume control, cueable master output, mic input and selectable phono/line switches. There’s also a tempo tap button, cueable effects switch and an input for a foot switch to control effects.

The fader effect can be assigned to a channel fader or crossfader from the touch screen so that the faders are capable of controlling and varying the effect’s parameter simply by moving the crossfader or channel fader. The beat effect is capable of synchronizing effects with the BPM for high accuracy effect timing.The mixer is equipped with an auto BPM counter so users can quickly view the song tempo. Designed with scratch DJs, studio/production DJs and turntablists in mind, this mixer is outstanding for any DJ who’s ready to take his skills to the next level wanting to improve their performance level.


  • * 2-channel DJ mixer with “touch screen” and built-in effects
  • * 4 line inputs, 2 phono inputs, 3 mic inputs (1x XLR, 2x 1/4´´)
  • * 3-band channel and mic EQ
  • * 50 onboard effects, controllable from the touch sensitive screen
  • * Crossfader curve is A/B independently adjustable
  • * Fader feeling adjustment
  • * Fader cut lag adjustment
  • * Fader start/back-cue play
  • * Master/channel level meters
  • * Foot switch for effect on/off
  • * Auto BPM counter/beat indicator
  • * Master outs, booth/monitor outs, 1/4´´ headphone outs
  • * Effects send/return
  • * Size: 9-7/8´´w x 15´´d x 4-1/4´´h. Wt. 14.3 lbs.
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