The original Telefunken Ela M 251 microphone has quite a history. Telefunken originally contacted AKG in 1958 to develop the 251; the resulting design incorporated the same CK12 capsule, 6072 tube and T-14transformer as the AKG C 12 mic.

AKG settled on two models: the Telefunken 250 and 251. The two-pattern 250 was designed to compete with the Neumann U47,originally developed by former Telefunken employee George Neumann, and the 251 was developed as a direct replacement for the AKG C 12.

Through the years, many A-list engineers and collectors have responded enthusiastically to these gems and have created a trend for acquisition, as well. The Wall Street Journal published an article in the 1990s on the original Telefunken Ela M 251, describing it as one of the best overall investments of the 21st century.

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