Apollo 8p is a dramatic update to one of the world’s most popular professional audio interfaces, delivering enhanced sound with the tone, feel, and flow of analog recording.
The top spot of any drum machine list surely goes to the inimitable source of the mighty sub-shaking boom that has not only defined hip hop, but has also filled out the low end of generations of dance records.
The MPC3000 is a new and improved version of the classic MPC60. It is a sequencer-sampler powerhouse that functions as the heart of any studio that produces HipHop, Rap, R&B, and even techno. It is usually used as the main percussion groove instrument.
The Mackie 1604-VLZ Pro has been the long-running favorite of audio professionals the world over for its sound quality, ease of use, and rugged dependability.
The Genelec 1032A is a powerful two-way active monitoring system including magnetically shielded drivers, speaker enclosure, multiple power amplifiers and active low signal level crossover.
Then the Odyssey Mk II series came along, featuring 5 models (2810-2815) which were produced between 1975 to 78. Visually, they continued with the black and gold color-scheme seen on the late Mk I’s. But under the hood, the Mk II series had several improvements. The VCO design was improved for better tracking.
Moog’s incredibly popular Sub Phatty is an excellent option for those on a (slightly) lower budget, but the newer Sub 37 justifies its higher price with a much more comprehensive feature set.
Moog Music introduced the Minimoog Voyager synthesizer in two editions: the Signature Edition and the Performer Edition.
Rounding the synth is a studio-spec effects section, with delays (including tape delays – clocked and free running with modulation and bandwidth options), a great sounding reverb (which is used in perhaps a little too many of the 4,000 – yes 4,000 – factory presets) and EQ options with Q control.
The TR 909 is an awesome analog drum machine! THE standard House and Techno beatbox. Sounds include kick, snare, hand clap, open and closed hi hats, low mid and hi toms, rim shot, ride and crash cymbals.