Why do most professional DJs still use Technics 1200 turntables?
In addition to having a pair of Technics 1200s at home, many professional DJs use Technics in the club or on the road. 1200s are familiar and reliable. Even with the advent of CDJs and digital DJing, most clubs have a set of Technics 1200s in their DJ booth. In terms of performance, the feel and drive of the 1200 platter can not be replicated by a controller. The response of the pitch control is excellent for beatmatching and the strong torque motor allows for accurate scratching and mixing.

The Technics 1200 is awe-inspiring like a great piece of art. Over the course of your DJ career, you may own several controllers or mixers, but it’s a high possibility that you’ll have the same pair of Technics.

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